Unhappy and Don’t Know Why? Here are Things That Might Be Causing That

Not sure why you don’t feel happy? Wondering why you feel unhappy, lonely, or even depressed? The reason why might surprise you. It is called Vibration.

Your vibrational frequency is your mood. If your vibrational frequency is low, then you are going to be feeling negative emotions. The solution is to avoid doing things that lower your vibration (while also doing things that raise your vibration, helping you to feel positive emotions). I wrote another post about raising your vibrational frequency, which you can find here.

Another thing that is tremendously helpful for resolving negative emotions and getting you on track to feeling your best again is journaling, which I wrote another blog post about here.

In this post, I will share with you things that lower your vibrational frequency. Avoiding these things will help you to attract happier, more appreciative, and more loving people and experiences into your life. When you avoid things that lower your vibration, then you won’t find yourself asking questions like, “why am I so unhappy?” Or “why do I feel depressed?”

Basically, when you are at a low vibrational frequency, such as anger or fear, you attract angry and fearful people and experiences. If you want to avoid attracting angry people and experiences, it will help you tremendously if you avoid things that lower your vibration. Simple, yet so effective!

Things That Lower Your Vibrational Frequency

If you are unhappy, there is a very strong chance that you are doing at least one of the following (which you should be avoiding, if you want to be living life with peace, joy, and love):


A good way to know if your vibration is low, is if you feel “bad” without really knowing why. If you feel depressed, lonely, anxious, frustrated, apathetic, bored, or generally annoyed, then your vibration is low.

In addition to avoiding things that lower your vibration, it is just as important to do things that raise your vibration. You can find a list of those things here.

I go into much greater, more helpful detail in my book, realizing my Self in the psychiatric ward, which you can find here on Amazon.

Hope that helps!

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