Your Happiness is Overdue; It’s Time to Love Yourself. Create Your Life of Peace, Love, and Purpose Today

“Loving yourself is primary. Everything else your soul desires comes as a side-effect. Yes: Everything!”


I used to be the most anxious guy in every room I walked into. I was always sweating and fidgeting. I was always walking around angry at the world and stressed about everything. I was irritable, impatient, easily frustrated, and had a lot of trauma I was holding onto (and avoiding). That was, until I found the peace within me and I was able to heal myself. Peace exists within you as well, you just need someone to guide you to it, that’s all.

With your trust, I can guide you to the sacred abode of peace within you and show you how to connect with it wherever you go, regardless of what is going on around you. I can guide you to inner peace and healing and show you how you can live with peace and stillness wherever you go (without my help!)


By realizing who we are at our very core (Love), we can learn to love ourselves. Loving ourselves means accepting ourselves exactly as we are. Loving ourselves means respecting our boundaries and our body. Loving ourselves means forgiving ourselves, showing ourselves that we are worthy of unconditional Love. Loving ourselves means prioritizing our Joy, Freedom, and Creative Self-Expression, whether that’s as an artist, CEO, a mother of four, and so on—whoever you desire to be!

It is only by loving ourselves that we can heal ourselves. We do so from within with the warm flame of our presence. Our presence allows us to be Love—yes, be Love. Being present allows us to raise our vibrations. And by raising our vibrations, we allow ourselves to resonate with peace, Love, and Truth, helping us to see with clarity and to listen to what our emotions and what are our pain are trying to tell us.

Let me guide you on on your journey inward, toward discovering and embodying the infinite Love within you, so that you can truly Love yourself and be at peace. And it is only when we love ourselves and are at peace that we can truly begin to create and live our best life.

What Makes Me Different from the Average Therapist and Coach

I am here to help you get back to your most natural state: Love. I don’t believe in medication and my goal is to get the least amount of money out of you as possible. My goal is to get you to know, feel, and embody your worth as soon as possible. My goal is to help you realize, as soon as possible: “I don’t need anyone in order to feel Love or Joy, or to know that I am worthy of Love and compassion. I don’t need anyone to show me or guide me anymore, either. I can take it from here.” If you want to feel this way, know that I can guide you there. All I need is your willingness and courage to turn inward and embrace and heal fear, pain, and uncomfortable emotions. All I need is your yearning to feel peace and Love with your aloneness—your yearning to feel whole on your own.

I am here to guide you back to your Self (your most loving, devoted, creative Self). I’m going to help you (re)learn how to love yourself (because it’s as simple as this: you forgot. You’ve been taught to repress yourself and to reject yourself and to “change yourself.” You are already perfect and deserving of Love and compassion; you simply forgot. I’m here to help you remember). After my guidance, you won’t need me anymore—in fact, you’ll realize that you don’t need anyone or anything in order to feel Love and peace. My goal is for you to not need me as soon as possible. I want you to be free and Love yourself so that you can be sharing your Love through what you create, and showing others how to do the same—not with your words, but with your very way of life.

I am here to show you how to be Love. My goal is to get you to your goal (loving yourself) as soon as possible, but without rushing the process. (That’s why the free discovery call I offer is super important! It helps me to know where you are at, so that I can redirect you on your path toward Love. Sometimes you need to completely turn around; other times you simply need to make a slight adjustment.)

I am here to guide you toward peace, presence, Self-understanding, Self-acceptance, Self-respect, Self-autonomy, and total Self-forgiveness (no matter what you did or what happened to you—you deserve unconditional Love and forgiveness, and I am here to guide you to that). I am here to help you be compassionate and patient and gentle with yourself. I am here to help you learn to love and nurture yourself. I am going to help you be Love for yourself and as a side-effect, you will be Love for everyone around you, and you will attract positive, loving people, animals, and experiences into your life. You will also be creating your best life (everything you desire), everything your soul yearns for—all as a side-effect! This is how you will measure your progress: when your life changes from a nightmare to your grandest dream.

I’m here to guide you back to Love; I sincerely believe it’s why I exist. I am here to guide you back to a place called Home (it’s where the heart is).

My Self-Realization

Being able to guide others back to Love is a gift that was given to me. It is this same gift that helped me overcome my depression, anxiety, anger, addiction, and suicidal ideation. This God-given gift helped me find my inner abode of peace, and the infinite well of Love within me. It helped me to love myself and forgive myself. It helped me to respect myself and accept myself exactly as I am. (You can read more about my story in my two-part self-help book. Learn more about my book here.)

It is this same gift that helps me to coach and speak to people of all ages and genders around the world—anyone who wants to love themselves, accept themselves, and be at peace with themselves—anyone interested in creating and living their best life, making the most of every moment with Love. Let me share this gift with you.

Read about the spiritual awakening (shift in consciousness) I experienced in the neuropsychiatric hospital at 19 years-old, while a sophomore at UCLA. In my story, I share with you how I went from being a depressed, anxious, and suicidal teenager to loving myself and sharing my Love with the world through what I create and the people I guide.

My Purpose

This is what my soul yearns for. This is everything I’ve ever prayed for. I guide people on their journey inward so that they can find themselves, create their best life, and live with peace, Love, and purpose. I help people to discover and embody the infinite creative Love residing within them, just waiting to be discovered and released.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Brandon has helped me tremendously. He has been coaching me for a few months now and this past month has been the best month of my life. I feel like I was given a second chance. I know I have power over my life now, and suddenly I am doing everything out of love!”

Thomas S., age 30 (June 2022)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“I’m thankful for Brandon and his thoughtful tough love. I really feel as if a good friend who’s got my interests in mind sat me down and unjudgmentally told me everything I needed to hear. He understands that honesty doesn’t need to be brutal.”

Chloe C., age 19

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Brandon is the only person in my life I can really open up to and he’s really helped me to discover and learn to love myself. His coaching is the best part of my week and probably the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

Anne Michelle, age 24

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Brandon helped me to understand what it means to love myself. I feel like I can tell him anything and he genuinely listens, cares, and makes me feel like I can trust him more than anyone. I found him at the perfect time in my life.”

Talia G., age 26

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“In a moment of frustration I found Brandon and speaking with him was a huge eureka moment. From someone who was never taught structure, and has been wondering why I just can’t seem to sit down and do shit when it needs to be done, he made my self-sabotage so clear and easy to fix. Love it!”

Candice Neil, age 29

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Brandon helped me understand loving myself at a completely new level. I never knew I could have such a relationship with myself. He’s like my coach and therapist all in one.”

Sarah F., age 22

Awaken Love that Shines Brighter than the Sun

How to Suffer for the Rest of Your Life

Want to suffer for the rest of your life? Here are 10 easy steps you can take NOW to make your suffering a reality! Suffering is a lot easier than you think! Let’s get started!

1. Be Stuck in Your Mind All Day

  • Multi-task during everything you do, that way you are always making the worst of every moment, always mindless, thinking about something else, never truly engaged with what you are doing. The less you are engaged, the more your mind is divided, the more stressed and confused you feel! This one is insanely effective.
  • Constantly live life by the inner voice of your parents, teachers, and religious leaders. Let this imaginary voice be your dictator, telling you what you and other people “should” do to be deserving of Love.
  • Daydream, but never take action; let your dreams die as vapor, that way you get to truly savor Suffering when you experience it.
  • To suffer more: ignore responsibilities and don’t accept responsibility for the consequences of your actions. Spend the day justifying your inaction to yourself, practicing for when others inevitably ask you what you do.
  • To retain your suffering, avoid the following: meditation, breathing exercises, and silently appreciating the beauty of Nature. They seem simple, but trust me: they will rob you of your fears, anger, anxiety, stress, depression, and loneliness!
  • The more you stay stuck in your mind, the more you forget about the bliss and joy of the present moment (not what you want if you want to make any Suffering gains).
  • You know you’re making progress when you are wasting your day thinking things like: “Why do I feel so depressed? Why am I so unhappy?”

2. Ruminate on the Past

  • Do this even though we know that memories are never 100% accurate, unbiased, detached, and objective.
  • Do not forgive yourself or others, ever, if you wish to live a life of suffering.
  • The more negative the event you remind yourself of, and the more self-victimizing your perspective, the greater your suffering! It’s a win-win!
  • To suffer intensely, ruminate, blame, hate, and self-victimize, instead of learning, forgiving, letting go, dropping the emotion, and moving on for your own sake.
  • Just like the first step, if you find yourself feeling depressed, unhappy, or like impending doom is arriving and you don’t know why (you can simply ignore these simple things that might be contributing to your depression); instead: keep up the good work!

3. Worry about the Future

  • Tell yourself that “the future is determined by the past,” or that “the future can’t ever be better than the past.”
  • Watch the news and hear about the latest fatal accident, tragedy, shooting, stabbing, mugging, robbing, jumping, killing, explosion, hijacking, war, inflation, rape, abortion, jury, trial, sentencing, prison, death, or disease to remind you of all the things that could go wrong in your life.
  • Talk to negative people who only talk about negative events without ever taking action.
  • To truly enjoy Suffering, strip yourself of anything you have to look forward to. To suffer, do your best to forget that you can literally create whatever you desire when you are fully engaged with the present moment.

4. Separate Yourself from Others; Judge and Categorize People

  • Stop listening to others; avoid empathy if you wish to suffer tremendously. Great suffering awaits those who abandon empathy, so if this is your goal, you know where to look!
  • Avoid considering the perspective of others—this takes your suffering to a deeper dimension because it prevents you from potentially learning from others’ experiences! That way you get to learn everything the hard way!
  • The more confusing and divisive your labels, the more you will suffer because of all the confusion and hatred and division building within you as you separate yourself more and more from others. Confusion and judgment are the path of eternal suffering—super easy, anyone can do it!
  • Using labels is way easier and more effective at attaining suffering than being present with another person and truly listening to them and their experience and feelings. The more labels you use, the more you will forget that We are All One. The more you forget that We are All One, the more you find yourself feeling anxious or tense or lonely or depressed.

5. Always Assume the Worst

  • Generalize all people to maximize your suffering, that way you keep yourself closed off to new friends, connections, opportunities, and Love.
  • For example, to immerse yourself in Suffering, assume anyone who wants to help you is a know-it-all. Or, you can assume that the man who is kind to you only wants sex. You can also assume the woman who is kind to you only wants attention/money. You can also assume that anyone “vaccinated” or “unvaccinated,” or “liberal” or “conservative” (whatever those even mean) are all dumb, violent, fearful, and selfish.
  • Assuming the worst allows you to suffer tremendously, releasing you from the Love of empathy, forgiveness, understanding, patience, and compassion, chaining you forever to the great burning, scarring warmth of judging and rejecting others for no reason whatsoever! Score!

6. Repeat Disempowering Beliefs

  • Repeating self-defeating beliefs is a great way to get your spirit down in the dumps!
  • The best way to fizzle out your own flame: tell yourself you suck, you can’t achieve anything, and that life is meaningless garbage that only has victims (whatever lie you need to come up with to help you forget that you can literally create whatever you desire with faith, patience, and gratitude!)
  • For max suffering: avoid 432hz and 528hz instrumentals on YouTube, for those have been proven to reduce present-moment suffering and bring about peace. Avoid them if you want to extend your suffering.
  • Also, avoid present-moment statements like: “Every day, I am becoming more mindful, composed, joyful, creative, and loving during everything I do.”
  • Instead, to really shift gears into a downward spiral, tell yourself things like: “I always eat more than I should,” or, “I am useless and no one loves me,” or, “I am a failure.” (Again, to suffer the most, come up with whatever lies you can think of to help you forget about your God-given ability to create absolutely anything you set your mind to with faith, patience, and gratitude! Absolutely anything. Literally anything. Literally. To suffer to your fullest potential, try to tell yourself things that rob you of your self-confidence, self-belief, and ability to function as the autonomous adult you know you are, at the very least)

7. Forget Self-Care

  • Simple. To ramp-up your suffering: stop bathing, grooming, cleaning, wearing clean clothes, and shaving yourself.
  • To add: stop exercising and stretching; instead, sit and slouch all day (that way you can block circulation through your spine and to your brain—maximized self-suffering!)
  • Also, for even more suffering, sleep whenever you want (the less consistent the better!). Build an addiction to caffeine instead of really solving the solution (that you’re not resting well/enough).
  • Also, to make sure you don’t sleep well: don’t let yourself unwind before bed. Instead, just do what makes you feel pumped, anxious, and stressed: work late, rush dinner before bed, don’t do what you enjoy, listen to loud music, have bright lights, and keep your eyes glued to your screens (tv or phone).
  • Basically, do anything to help you forget that you are amazing, deserve to be loved, and deserve to create, achieve, and attain anything your heart desires. Not taking care of yourself is a one-way ticket to suffering here and now.

8. Overwhelm Yourself with Extensive, Unorganized To-Do Lists

  • Take on too many things at once. That way, after burning yourself out, you get to experience complete inner Suffering that will make you a guru to masochists!
  • To quickly make a shamble of your life: spend the day doing only what you want to do for instant gratification; leave important, urgent matters for “later” (which we know never exists—only now. That way we never have to deal with them and we get to enjoy our suffering forever!)
  • To suffer more, tell yourself that “baby steps are for the weak!” To suffer the most, try to do everything all at once!

9. Never Ask for Help

  • Asking others for help is a sure-fire way out of your suffering, especially if you ask someone to hold you accountable or guide you with their own experience. You can suffer the most by staying away from therapists, coaches, mentors, and support groups.

10. Ignore Your Emotions

  • To suffer the very most, instead of accepting and listening to your emotions, bottle them in by distracting yourself with instant pleasure! The more you indulge in the instant pleasures of porn, masturbation, sex, gambling, drugs, alcohol, binge-eating, streaming shows/movies, playing games all day—the more you will enjoy the downward spiral all caused by easily-preventable finely-aged emotions!
  • Ignore the fact that what you look at disappears.
  • Ignore the healing power of your own presence and Love. If you simply dedicate 5-15 minutes to sit there with yourself and be totally present with your emotions, you will not only heal your heart and unblock yourself and your creativity, you will also receive tremendous insight and wisdom. Avoid this practice if you want to suffer—just keep ignoring your emotions to feel your worst. It’s so easy to bathe in your comfort and reap the Suffering!


To suffer the most: don’t be present, don’t be empathetic, don’t listen to others, don’t take care of yourself.

To maximize your suffering: ruminate on the past and worry about the future. Also: label everything, judge others based on those labels, and assume the worst about everything and every possible outcome, if you really want to be down in the dumps all day, horribly confused about life.

To further extend your suffering: overwhelm yourself, burn yourself out, never accept responsibility but also never ask for help.

Lastly: If you want to create a living hell for yourself, simply tell yourself things that make you forget that you can literally create whatever you desire with your God-given ability to create, by having faith in yourself, faith in the Universe, faith in your own heart and experiences, patience, and gratitude.

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Happy international month of peace!

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