God-Given Creativity: How to Manifest What You Desire

Want to manifest your heart’s desires? Want to breathe life, success, and creativity into your purpose? In this post, you will learn how to visualize the same way I did when I visualized the perfect programming job that the Universe helped me to manifest—the same way I visualized creating a self-help book, as well as being on podcasts and being a public speaker on this topic.

Visualizing is using your God-given creative abilities to manifest what you desire. So if you desire to create your dream life, this section will show you how to use the power of visualization to your advantage.

What is Visualization?

Visualization is using your imagination to meditate on what you desire. It is more than wishful thinking or daydreaming.

When you visualize something, you are using your imagination to manifest something. During your visualization, you see yourself in a certain scenario doing or receiving something, and feeling the reaction of having done it or having received something. It’s as simple as that!

What Does it Mean to Manifest Something?

Manifesting something means using your God-given ability to create it. When you visualize something, you are breathing life into what you desire. You can only manifest something with faith and gratitude. The Universe will help you to manifest what you desire, which is best done with faith and gratitude.

How to Visualize

Step 1: 432Hz

Have a 432hz instrumental ready. Go to YouTube and search: “432hz instrumental”. 432hz has been proven to help you feel more peaceful and joyful. Feeling this higher vibration will help you manifest what you desire.

Step 2: Getting Ready to Visualize

Make sure you are in a quiet, private place. Sit either on the floor or in a comfortable chair and keep your back and neck aligned. Focus on your breath for a few moments, then do a simple breathing exercise, like “water breathing” to control your breath. Then, release any tension or anger within you.

Step 3: Visualization

Close your eyes and visualize what you desire (this is most effective if you are visualizing your purpose, because this is probably the most intense positive emotion you can feel: success, confidence, and power in your life’s purpose, making the world a better place).

Paint the most vivid picture possible. Where are you? Who are you with? What are you doing? Why are you doing it? What do you feel? What is it exactly that you wish to attract? Why do you want to attract it? How do you feel about having it? How grateful are you for having it? How amazing does it feel to have it and to be living life with the object of your desire? How awesome does it feel to be helping the world in this way?

The stronger and more positive your emotions, the better. The more you know that this is coming to you, as if it already exists, the stronger your attraction to what you wish to manifest. 

Step 4: Using Your Visualization’s Frequency

When you have the peak of your visualization—the most vivid picture you could possibly envision—notice what that particular frequency of happiness feels like. Hold onto that positive energy. Know that it is real; do not feel as though it will “eventually happen.”

Know with faith that it already is happening, as soon as you set it in motion with your desire; it becomes more real with every visualization. You come closer to your heart’s desires with every vivid visualization, particularly when you feel that frequency of happiness and gratitude.

When you open your eyes, hold onto that frequency for as long as you can, and express gratitude for it. Use this frequency as motivation to take action. Then, take action—now.

Also, do not beat yourself up if you cannot hold that frequency for long. There is such a thing as “toxic positivity.” It is not realistic to be in that mode of happiness for the rest of the day, let alone for the rest of your life; eventually you will experience other emotions.

Let those emotions come; do not reject them. Aside from the specific fear of not receiving what you desire, your general emotions do not repel what you wish to attract.

But doing a breathing meditation and then a quick visualization, for a total of 10 minutes, is enough to reignite the flames of self-motivation within you.


It is as simple as that. Remember, be patient, have faith, and do your best to be consistent.

The more intense your desire and gratitude are, the better. The “greater” the object of your desire, such as winning an election, getting accepted into a particular school, meeting the love of your life, and so on, the more patient you need to be; the more faith and gratitude you need. These things rarely happen overnight; but know that you are creating it.

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