The Surprising Solution to Living with Peace, Love, and Joy

Not sure why you feel unhappy? Wondering what it takes to feel happy? Want to live life with joy, peace, and love? In this article, I will share with you the secret to happiness: vibration. I will share with you easy ways to raise your vibrational frequency.

First, it will help us to understand vibrational frequency a little better.

What is Vibrational Frequency?

Your vibrational frequency is basically your general mood. Do you find yourself tense most of the time? Are you usually irritable? Are you anxious most of the time? Or are you mostly joyful, or happy? Are you a very loving person? Are you always expressing gratitude for the things in your life? Are you at peace, living with a sense of bliss and deep fulfillment for life?

It is important to raise your vibrational frequency because your vibe attracts your tribe. The frequency you are at determines what you attract into your life. If you are someone who is always angry, you are going to be attracting angry people and experiences. If you are someone who is grateful for everything in your life, you are going to be attracting similarly grateful people and experiences that make you feel even more grateful.

Things That Raise Your Vibrational Frequency

These are “happy habits.” In other words, if you see someone who is generally a happy person, there is a very strong chance that they are doing many things from this list:

Speaking of habits, you can make many of these things habitual so that they become your go-to way of living. Check out the post I wrote on habits; it will really help you!


A simple way to know if your vibration is high or low is to notice how you feel. Do you complain a lot? Or do you find yourself grateful for a lot of things in your life? Are you irritable? Or do you find yourself generally happy throughout the day?

In a word, if you feel “bad,” then your vibration is low. If you feel “good,” then your vibration is high. The higher your vibration, the easier it is to tell where your vibration is at.

It is equally important to avoid things that lower your vibrational frequency. I wrote another post about that, which you can find here.

I go into much greater detail about vibrational frequency in my book, realizing my Self in the psychiatric ward, which you can find here on Amazon.

Of course, I want to clarify, if you are feeling intense negative emotions, such as depression, the first thing you’re going to need to do to help yourself is resolve the source of your depression (as well as the emotion itself). A therapist, a coach, a support group, or a mentor can help with that. I have a lot of experience with coaching people through depression (including coaching myself). I know that there are people who are willing and able to help you.

And if you are feeling suicidal, please contact the suicide hotline at 800-273-8255

Hope that helps!

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