“If I can make this transformation, anyone can. I know this to be true.”

create a life of peace, Love, and purpose

This book is perhaps one of the first of its kind: combining science and psychology with ancient wisdom and spirituality. It is a two-part self-help book to help you transform your life from one of pain and suffering to one that feels like nonstop winning: one of peace, Love, and purpose, creating everything your soul yearns for.

The first part of this book is my story and realizations and wisdom that changed my life. The second part of the book is all the wisdom and practices that will be your friend on your journey inward, toward Self-realization.

Here is a brief outline of the contents of the second part of the book, the self-help section:

Know Thyself

This part of the book is probably the most eye-opening and the most controversial of anything written in this book. This section is an intellectual and spiritual journey that will help you understand what you are not, and help you know what you are. It starts obvious and simple, but stick around—you will be glad you did. This section will help you understand why you attract the people and experiences that are in your life. This section will help you to overcome your fears, control your emotions, and live life with a profound sense of unity, peace, love, and purpose. This section talks about consciousness, energy, time, and God, to name a few topics.

Self-Love, Inner Peace & Healing

This section contains every meditation practice, every breathing exercise, every journaling practice, and every piece of information that helped me to find inner peace, heal myself within, and learn to truly love myself.


This section of the book is all about empathy—nothing more. Since empathy is so important (and the world needs it now more than ever), I thought it deserved its own section of the book. This section will help you understand what empathy is and what it is not; it will help you to practice and live with empathy in your everyday life so that you can live with Love for yourself and others. This Love comes in the form of empathy: forgiveness, patience, generosity, tolerance, and compassion.

Meaning & Purpose

This part of the book is everything I used to help me find meaning in my life, including two self-reflection practices that will guide you with this. It also contains the self-discovery activity that helped me to find my life’s purpose.

The Law of Attraction

This is the last part of Part 2, which will help you to understand the Law of Attraction and learn how to use everything about it to your advantage so that you can create your dream life and manifest what you desire. In this section, you will learn how to visualize the same way I did when I visualized the perfect programming job that the Universe helped me to manifest—the same way I visualized this book, as well as being on podcasts and being a public speaker on this topic. Visualizing is using your God-given creative abilities to manifest what you desire. So if you desire to create your dream life, this section will show you how to use the power of visualization to your advantage.

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What People Are Saying

“I have read countless spiritual books (the best of the best)… I bought his book yesterday and couldn’t put it down. Finished it late last night. It was so well written, clear, concise; fantastic examples and analogies to really break down this material and make it into practical, applicable steps. His book made it into my top five spiritual books. I will recommend it to everyone.”


“The knowledge and experience that he can transmit through this easy to understand, but yet, heartfelt way of writing and expressing his words of wisdom, is totally inexplicable to me. This book helped me to understand, apply and feel the difference in my outlook about life itself. Amazing work. I will fully recommend this work of art to my friends and family.”

Miranda K.

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